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Our Team

Pastoral Staff

Fr. Mark Stang,

Canonical Administrator, SA, HS, & CCNC

Ministry Staff

Candace Hostetter,

Pastoral Associate, SA & HS

Philip Shefveland,

Campus Ministry Director, CCNC

Rick Bzdok,

Youth and Family Minister, SA, HS, & CCNC

Stacy Ellens,

Music Director, CCNC

Gail Drinkwine,

Music Director, SA & HS

Kevin LaNave,

Peace & Social Justice Coordinator, CCNC

Jessie Johnson,

Visitation Ministry, SA


Fr. John Paul Igbokwe,

Sacramental Minister, CCNC

Operations Staff

Janice Wuebkers,

Business Manager, SA, HS, & CCNC

Katie Ortega,

Office Manager, SA, HS, & CCNC

Linda Paulson,

Secretary, SA

Kevin Eisenschenk

Grounds & Maintenance, SA

Linda Buckentine

Grounds & Maintenance, SA

Mike Spaniol

Grounds & Maintenance, HS

CatholicHUSKIES  |  CatholicCYCLONES
Peer Ministry Staff

Kalli Terhaar,

Office Assistant & Peer Minister,

SCSU, Social Work

Maureen Schimnich,

Peer Minister,

SCSU, Math Education

Aaron Soderholm,

Peer Minister,

SCSU, Social Studies Education

Zachary Stich,

Peer Minister,

SCSU, Meteorology

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